What Doesn't the Xero Integration Do?

The Powered Now integration with Xero is powerful and comes with a lot of flexibility and features. However, there are some things that it cannot do, which are listed here:

  • Both Powered Now and Xero support CIS (Construction Industry Scheme). However, their versions of CIS do not work together. Powered Now intend to fix this in the future.
  • Powered Now has "Products" and the equivalent in Xero is "Items" but they are not connected together and do not recognise each other. This may change in the future.
  • Contacts can be created and updated in Powered Now and these are passed to Xero. However any changes made in Xero are not reflected back to Powered Now and may be over-written by Powered Now in a subsequent update. Changes should not be made in Xero.
  • Once a sales or supplier invoice, expense or related credit notes are passed to Xero, they cannot be changed in any way in Powered Now. Not are changes made in Xero passed back to Powered Now, although payments against invoices can be sent in both directions.