What Devices and Browsers Does Powered Now Support?

Powered Now will work on most devices, however we only officially support the following.

We support all Apple devices that can run the latest version of iOS. Apple publish the latest version here.

Powered Now is built to run on the latest version of Android. However we support devices running Android up to two years old. latest Android versions are published here.

We do not officially support folding Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Google Fold devices at this time, though the app is likely to function normally.

We do not support ColorOS or Huawei devices.

If you are running a very large account, specifically with lots of sites, we advise an iPhone or Android device with at least 8GB RAM. 

Desktop & Web Browsers:

  • We recommend using Google Chrome for Powered Now Web
  • Safari, Firefox and Edge are also supported but may not work as efficiently as Google Chrome
Chromebooks should work, but we don’t test on these devices. If you are using a Chromebook please use the web version, rather than the Android app.