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What benefits do my customers get by using the Customer Portal?

This article gives an insight of how your customers can benefit from using the customer Portal


The customer portal is great for existing customers to manage their appointments and access important documents that you've sent them. With the online appointment booking feature, customers can easily schedule appointments at their own convenience, eliminating the need for phone calls or emails.

The portal also allows customers to view their historic and upcoming appointments in one location. This provides a clear overview of their scheduled visits, allowing them to plan their time effectively and see which who's going to be attending their appointments with visible credentials of that employee.

Customers can conveniently view and download all of these documents, including the option to pay their invoices if you've got the SumUp integration set up.

The portal also provides the customer to view the status of each document, allowing customers to track the progress and ensure that all necessary paperwork is in order, along with the project name for some of your larger customers with multiple properties.

In summary here's what the Customer portal is able to offer:

  • Quotes can be accepted and rejected via the portal
  • Ability to book in appointments by "Reserving a slot" in the diary for pre built appointment types that you offer (annual servicing/breakdown)
  • View all appointments and which engineer will be attending with uploaded credentials to assure the customer.
  • Can clearly see all documents including Certificates, also when their next service is due
  • Message through the portal and all communications are visible from your Project, A great place for all information to be gathered

Please note this is only available on the Premium Tier, if you wish to set up or upgrade you existing subscription please call 02382 120 195 or click the chat button within the application.


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