Welcome to the Dashboard - Part 2

This video will give you an overview of the dashboard and what each button does.


Welcome to the dashboard inside Powered Now!

On the left hand side you have the following buttons:

Home button: this will show you your dashboard.

Diary: this will take us to our diary pages.

Projects: In Powered Now a project is a folder that holds all the information that is store up for one job.

Sales: if it could make you money or does make you money, it will sit in this section here. You've got your quotes, your invoices, your payments and more.

Costs: Here you can find your purchase orders, your buyer invoices and your expenses.

Reports and Finances: This is where you do your MTD (Making Tax Digital), if you do your VAT returns through us. You can also do statement reports in here. Look at some nice graph and charts that populate once you start using Powered Now and get more detail in there. If your accountant needs any detail, you can export it straight out of the system via the periods that may be needed and email the information over to your accountant on the files that are created. You've also got the CIS reports in here as well.

Contacts: This is your contact list. Obviously this is where your customers and your suppliers all sit and you can create them from here and you can support your contacts.

Notes: So this is a note for anything particular about a job or just for the business itself. You can also allocate these notes to particular jobs once they're created.

Forms and certificates: all your forms and certificates you create will sit in here and obviously you can create from here as well.


In the middle section you have your quick action buttons.

If you're looking to create a new quote, a new invoice, you just click one of those buttons and it'll take you to the creation stages of what you need to do.

On the right we have our agenda button. This is linked to the diary. You can see jobs that are unplanned or you can go straight into the diary from here. These are really fast, efficient buttons to create new appointments and new reminders of outgoing into diary and maybe creating from there.


At the top we have our referral scheme and our community button here.

This is gonna be linked into the Power Now community where you can see special offers, any sort of relevant webinars that we've got going on things like that.

There is also a sync data button. One of the features of Powered Now is it actually works offline which is obviously great when you're out looking to create quotes or obviously get appointments booked in. You can actually just create it as you are without the internet signal and what will happen, a number will sit on this button here and then as you sort of walk into some 3g, 4g, 5g or if it's desktop and yu connect to the internet, it actually just starts spinning around, then numbers will count down and then it will synchronised across all of the other devices in the system. 

Support button: Now this takes you to all of our sort of questions and videos You can also raise a ticket to the support team.

Team button: Here you have the team tracking and we also have the team chat. This is a matter of when you get to staff members in the system, might wanna see where they're on a map, see where the appointments are pinpointed and located, sort of traveling route and things taken. 

Settings cog: This is where you read all the setting up of Powered Now.

Profile: This is where you can change your sort of login details, your passwords, and anything else relevant to you.

If you have any questions further, please just hit the yellow button on the bottom right hand side and speak to the team.