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Using Recurring Appointments in Powered Now

How to use the Recurring appointment feature within Powered Now

When creating an Appointment within Powered Now it gives you the Option to create a recurring Appointment, This is a mass creation of appointments which can be useful for recurring meetings/jobs/things to do on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly schedule.

When creating the Appointment, select the date and time you would like then Toggle on the "Recurring" Tab.


recurring appointment

At this stage it will ask you to Repeat "X" Times ( this is the amount of appointments you would like to create)

Then by selecting Every X amount of Days/weeks/months/years

select frequency

Heres a few examples:

If i entered Repeat 52 times every 1 Week this would produce 1 appointment per week for 1 year

Repeat 4 times every 1 year ( 1 appointment per year for 4 years )

Repeat 26 times every 14 days ( 1 appointment every 2 weeks for 1 year )