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Use it on any Device

Mobile solution for your business

Powered Now can be used on a huge range of different devices. This has the following important benefits:

  • You can use whatever device you like, whichever is best for the task you are doing

  • Everything is automatically copied to every other device as soon as you have a signal

  • Breaking, losing or having a device stolen doesn’t mean that you lose any information, or you lose access to Powered Now. This is so much less risky than a black book

The reason why there are smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptop PCs and Macs is because different devices are most useful in different situations.

Powered Now is designed to work the way you do so it works on practically any device. If you have a desktop or laptop Mac or PC you can use Powered Now through your browser, although an internet connection is required. If you use an Android or Apple mobile or tablet, you simply download Powered Now app. It works even when there isn’t a signal.

If you are looking to export your data for your accountant you will need to use the financial section from your PC or Mac.