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Track & Manage your Supplier Invoices Easily

Supplier Invoice Tracking Software for Small Companies

Powered Now effectively provides a supplier invoice app as part of its software for small business. The benefits include:

  • Get rid of paper and replace with a secure electronic copy – the tax man accepts electronic copies of invoices

  • Track what’s been paid and what is due

  • Easily extract supplier invoice data for your accountant

Your Supplier Invoice Manager

Powered Now’s supplier invoice process lets you record every supplier invoice when it arrives. Once you have taken a picture of the invoice and ensured the details are correct, the original can be discarded. Powered Now can handle invoices with no tax or any tax rate.

Powered Now has an inbuilt supplier invoice template so it is easy to enter and visualise all supplier invoices.

Supplier Payment Process

You can see what supplier invoices need to be paid and by recording every supplier payment as it is made, all records are automatically updated. This also means that CIS reports can be produced.

Your Supplier Invoice Reporting

Powered Now not only has a supplier invoice report, it also combines supplier invoices with expenses and sales invoices to produce a profit and loss figure.

Supplier invoices and payments can be exported to a file ready to be sent to your accountant to do the books.

All invoices can be managed in a single place and once entered, the originals can be discarded. Enter the information once and it is available for keep track of payments, do your accounts, know your tax liability and do VAT and CIS reporting. What’s not to like?