Signing Up & Signing In - Part 1

Below you will see a video showing you how to sign up for a 14-day free trial.
If you're an existing user, you can also sign in here.

How to register an account with Powered Now?

If you've already signed up to Powered Now, you'll just have to click Sign In, enter your email and password and then click the login button and that will log you straight in.

If you are looking to create a brand new account, you've got click the register button after you've entered an email and password. Once we've got to the registration page, now it's time to enter your business details.

Then you can select your business type and enter how many people work in your business. Add your name and the contact number in case you do need to get hold of you.

Once you've done that, you can click finish. It'll then take you through to the second page, which is your address, you can use the postcode lookup feature to easily put in your address, then click next.

It asks you if you're VAT registered. So if you are, you can just enable your VAT registration number and then just enter the number here. Obviously, if you don't know it or you've not got into hand at this point, don't worry, you can just skip to the next stage if you need to.

You can go into the tax and accounting settings and add this later.

After that you can select your templates and on the next page, you can add your bunch of logos.

If you put in a company logo into the system, you can upload a file from here. You can upload that from Google Drive or Dropbox if you want to add any accreditations as well.

Once you've done that you just need to click start using Powered Now, and that will take you into the homepage. If you've got any questions or have any troubles with this, please feel free to pop as a message through the chat system.