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Setting up the new Appointment Status feature

Using and setting up the New appointment status feature

Appointments in Powered Now can all be given a status. These are set up in the Settings and then can be applied per Appointment. This can have multiple purposes such as Once an engineer has completed their work they can update the appointment status to "Complete" letting the office staff know that the job requires to be invoiced. If you've got different departments within your business this can be used to easily determine which appointment belongs to which department.

Below I will show you how to set up the status and apply it to a project.

  • Hop into the Settings (cog) and then General Settings
  • Select the Diary tab

Here you can click the Add New button to create a new appointment Status

Once you've added in some customer Statuses you can then begin to start applying them to your appointments, If you go into the Diary Tab and click into an Appointment you will be able to change the status at the top right side of the screen.

You will now see once i've applied the change to the appointment it's now applied a green tag next to it.

The new Appointment Status can also be see within the Agenda view of the diary and also within the Project Timeline