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Scheduling appointments, reminders and staff

Scheduling Software for Small Business

Powered Now is a scheduling app with a powerful central diary for managing your entire team alongside all its other features.

  • Create appointments and reminders in seconds

  • Everything is linked, no need to hunt for customer details or paperwork

  • Allocate appointments to other team members with ease

  • Linked to smart routing, maps and driving directions

  • The appointment can take place at any of the addresses associated with the customer

  • Recurring appointments can be scheduled, for instance when you service the same customer every two weeks

  • At the core of Powered Now is a really intelligent diary and scheduling system that is linked to both your customer records and all of the paperwork. Everything is in a single place making it fast and easy to just get on with your day!

This means:

  • Diary entries can be managed super-efficiently – they are easy to create, everyone can see them and “pending appointments” can be dragged to a free spot when you are ready

  • You know where your staff are at any time – you can see who has checked into an appointment.

  • Your entire team can be organised with multiple staff on a single appointment.

  • Everything is connected – you can see the sequence of appointments for every project.

  • Appointments are connected to the customer, the team members and the project and the site.

  • This makes it easy to move from appointments to the entire diary, to individual details of customers and their jobs.

Appointment Scheduling Software

This scheduling software understands that an appointment is more than just a diary entry. It makes it easy to schedule appointments by having them unallocated before they are ready to be scheduled. Then when you are ready, they can be dragged to a free spot. Several members of the team can be allocated to one appointment where that is necessary. Diaries can be viewed either for one person or for the entire team.

It will be hard to find another scheduling app that makes this as easy.