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Create Financial Reports Easily

Powered Now has comprehensive reporting options

The benefits of this include:

  • Easy to see trends in your business using a chart where you can the compare current year performance with previous years

  • All information is easily available so you can pass the information to your accountant or bookkeeper or do your own accounts

The variety of ways that you can configure the reports means that Powered Now provides template custom reports. And if even you can’t get exactly what you want, everything can be exported into Excel or another spreadsheet so you can manipulate the information to your heart’s content. This applies to all reports:

  • Business performance. Examine detailed information at a glance for any month in your history.

  • Charts. Compare month by month performance for every aspect of your business.

  • Reports. Display, print or export detailed information on sales, expenses and supplier invoices.

  • Accounts. The ability to generate a data export that can be sent to your accountant or bookkeeper.

  • CIS reporting. Statutory reports supported.

Business Performance

  • Assess business performance at a glance for any month

  • See summary figures for amount quoted, amount accepted, amount invoiced, amount paid and more

  • Scroll back through history


  • Show business performance on a graph

  • Provide side by side display of the last two years

  • Choose which information to plot including value of accepted quotes, sales invoices, amount paid, expenses, profit and more


  • Choose whether to display, print or export a choice of detailed or summary reports

  • Choose sales, expenses or supplier invoices, appointments, projects, quotes, purchase orders

  • Optionally report on a single customer

  • Choose period covered – Last week, Last month, Last quarter, Last calendar year, Last tax year, any period

  • Choose status of information reported: Approved, Payment outstanding (Approved), Not Approved and more

Accounts Export

  • Generate a data export that can be sent to your accountant or imported into your accounting system

  • Once sent, information is locked so it cannot be changed and will not be exported a second time

  • Included are the sales invoice report, supplier invoice report, expense reporting, expenses, sales payments, payments for expenses/supplier invoices, cost disbursements

Making Tax Digital (MTD) and VAT Return

  • This allows you to calculate and submit your VAT return direct to HMRC through their Making Tax Digital (MTD) solution

CIS Reports

  • Our CIS report template allows contractors to generate their payment and deduction statements to send them to subcontractors (Pro only)

  • A special report enables contractors to complete their monthly CIS 300 submission to HMRC (Pro only)

  • Subcontractors can keep track of the deductions made from their earnings so they have this figure ready for their tax submissions and make sure they receive the full tax credit that they are entitled to


  • Profit and loss reports

  • CIS report using the CIS report template

  • Invoice reporting using the invoice report template

  • Supplier invoice reporting using the supplier invoice report template (Pro only)

  • Expense reporting using the expense report template

  • Graphs

  • Accounts export