Professional/Team Overview & Features

Powered Now has been designed to allow you to share your workload company wide.

You can add as many people to the same company account as you would like, which will then allow you to share your:

  • Appointments,
  • Projects,
  • Invoices, Quotes and Job sheets,
  • Notes,
  • and Customer Records.

There are three main user roles which allow you to decide how much or how little team members can access.

  • The Main user can access everything, this is normally the account holder.
  • A Manager can access most things the main user can apart from account settings.
  • The Engineer role is much more restricted, this role can't see any financial information such as invoice or quote amounts.

Everything is backed up between the device and the cloud, so it doesn't matter if a phone gets lost, broken or stolen.

Additional Features (Not on Business Tier)

  • Ability for multiple users to use the account
  • Team Tracking
  • Team Chat
  • Product Catalogue
  • Sites
  • Forms & Certificates
  • MTD (submit your vat return)