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Complex Contacts & Sites

Perfect for managing letting and housing agencies

The complex contacts feature allows commercial customers to be stored in the Powered Now database with all of their details:

  • A customer can have any number of sites

  • They can have a different address for ordering and for invoicing

  • They can have a different registered company address

  • Each address can have none, one or two contacts (this can also be useful for residential customers)

  • Each contact can have three phone numbers and two email addresses (this can also be useful for residential customers)

All in all, Powered Now has a huge amount of flexibility in recording details of a customer.

Time saving features

Powered Now is packed with features which have one objective in mind – saving you time. Apart from the fact that everything that has been entered can be looked up, re-sent to customers and is stored indefinitely, the following help to minimise typing:

  • You can get as much information as possible about customers and suppliers automatically:

    • Powered Now looks up information from Companies House picking up the address and the names of the directors which can be used at the click of a button – or over-ridden if necessary

    • Names, mobile numbers and emails are copied straight from your address book

    • Addresses are looked up using the postcode saving typing

  • All descriptions and prices entered are saved so that next time you start entering them, the system auto-completes your input, just like Google does.

  • It’s easy to create and send quotes and invoices sitting in your van, even when there is no signal.

  • When the invoice will match the quote, it can be created from the quote with one click.

  • All calculations including VAT and discounts are done automatically. This includes adding up all accepted quotes and comparing them with the total invoiced so nothing is missed

  • Unpaid invoices can be tracked