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Map App integration

Find your way to clients properties with our new map integration, click directly from your appointment through to Navigation systems such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze


How does the new Powered Now Map Integration work?

You can easily click on a diary appointment and just go straight through to either Google maps, WAZE or your default navigation app.

To enable this, it is already enabled within the account. However, if you need to change it over to WAZE or to disable this, you just need to go to your settings, diary and schedule, scroll down and you'll see use navigation app.

This allows you to just hop into the diary tab and then we'll just select an appointment and just at the top you've got open in the map app. It just comes up with a book icon there to be able to go through to it on your mobile device or tablet.

If you just click that button it will divert you straight through to Google maps or WAZE, whatever you've got set up and then off you go to your job.

Say 'on my way'

You can pop the customer a quick text or email just to say that you're on their way.

Start - Check In

You can check into the appointment to log time against the job. 


If you've got any questions, feel free to pop us a message through the chat system.