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Lesson Two - Document Template and Logo Settings

Adding your own logo to the invoice and quote template is easy

Document Template: How do I add my own logo?

  • Click on Settings.

    Powered Now, invoice templates
  • Click on Document & Logo Settings.
  • Click the blue Edit Layout and Logos button.
  • Click Next once and you should reach the Edit Logo screen.
  • Click Add Image.
  • To add your own logo, click on one of the Upload Image options.
  • To add a logo from our Logo Library, select a category (plumber, builder, etc.) and then select your required logo.

    Powered Now, invoice templates
  • Once you have selected/uploaded the logo you want, click the green Add Logo button. Your logo will now appear in the top lefthand corner of the document. 
  • Click on the logo to resize or reposition it.
  • You can add more logos at this stage by following the previous steps again.
  • Once you are happy with the way your document looks, click Next until you are returned to the dashboard.

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