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Lesson Seven - Introduction to Projects

What is a Project?

Projects are automatically generated when any diary appointments and documents are created. A project can be viewed as a folder. A project is used to create a folder full of all the information associated with the job. It is a great way to keep all of your information in once place.
We always recommend opening a new project when starting a new job. You will be able to log time, keep track of appointments, notes of conversations you have had with your customer, messages sent to your customer, job sheets, quotes, invoices and other documents raised against the job.

Powered Now, what is a project

Powered Now uses projects for everything, you may not have noticed but there are several projects already on our system as Powered Now automatically creates them in the background.

If you open up a project you can see all the information associated with that project, including any quotes and invoices you have created. This means the next time you want to reuse any of this you can do it quickly and easily, saving your typing!