Introduction to Projects - Part 15

The video below will give you an introduction to Projects and the benefits of using them.


Projects inside Powered Now are one of the most powerful features that we have. You can do a number of things inside projects. It's what we call the folder of information per customer or per job and everything that you ever do in regards to that customer sits under a project or within a multiple projects.

So things like pricing appointments, any documentation that you do for them, any compliance signatures, absolutely you name it, it sits into a project.

The way that projects work in Powered Now is really simple.

You can create a project from the beginning and build up that information via that project or actually any other thing you do inside Powered Now can build projects in the background. So it may be the case that you're actually utilising projects, but you actually don't realise that they're there and obviously you're not getting the most out of them.