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How to Export Time Logs

If your engineers have been logging time against appointments or a project this article will help explain how to export this information.

Here's an article explaining how engineers can log time against appointments.

If you would like to report against these time logs firstly you'll need to go to the Reports & Finances tab on the left side of the screen.



After this click the Reports tab across the top menu.



Select Time Logs under the What to Export tab.


Under the Export Type you can select how you would like the export to be filtered. After the export is done you can filter the columns anyway but, depending on your business practice, the spreadsheet can already be filtered to your needs.

Once you've selected the correct dates you would like to report on there are 2 options, Preview and Export

Preview will allow you to just take a glance at the time logs for the given period, it also allows you to print/send the report via email. 

Export will download a spreadsheet once clicked so it can be easily tallied up for the total hours logged for each engineer/project/customer.