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How to edit your document number at the end of the Financial Year (Mobile Version)

This article explains what to do if you wish to edit your documents display numbers when you get to a new tax year

When your business enters a new tax year you may want to differentiate your invoice numbers to easily tell which tax year the document belongs to. Powered Now's document numbering system increases sequentially but you can add numbers into the prefix/suffix of your display number. 

To change the prefix/suffix of your documents go to the Settings Cog at the top right of the screen.

settings screenshot

Next, go to Document & Logo Settings.

document & logo

Click the Menu Tab and then Numbering Rules tab.

Numbering rules tab

Here you can see the two columns, Prefix and Suffix.

This is where you can amend the display number of your different documents, For example, if you've had your Invoice numbers currently at INV2001224 and get to the new tax year (2021), by changing the Prefix you can now display the new tax year so you know the difference between documents. After applying these changes it will look like this: INV2101225.

Alternatively, if you wanted to personalise your document numbers, you could change the INV to an abbreviation of your company to make your invoices stand out.

Please note, any documents created prior to this change can't be updated with the new prefix/suffix, it will only apply to newly created documents. If you required the change on an earlier document, it will need to be recreated.