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How to Create Documents With Images and Detailed Text From a Project

One of the questions we get quite a lot is how do you create documents, quotes, invoices with detailed text, including paragraphs, bold, italic and bullet points and images

It's actually pretty simple, the following article covers this in detail.

To create detailed text, use projects:

  • Create a new project for your customer.
  • When you are in the project, create a note from the + Add new item to project button. 

    Screenshot 2021-10-22 13.03.30
    This note is your description, you can make it pretty long and use paragraphs and styling.
  • Save the note (also you can create as many notes as you like).
  • Upload images by clicking the "Photo" and upload the related images for the job
  • Create a priced item block. This is just like creating a normal invoice or quote, which is described in Lesson Five - Creating Your First Document.
  • When you are ready to create the quote press the + Create Document button.
  • Select the notes, images and priced items.
  • Complete the wizard and you're done!
  • If you want to move things around on the quote simply open it, then press Edit and hop over to document times and select the pencil icon.