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How to Create a Document With No Pricing

To create a document with no priced items, the best way to approach it is by creating a Note

To do this:

  • Select Projects from the grey bar on the left
  • Select the required project
  • Select the Add new item to project button, and click on Note
  • Type out the detail you need to have displayed and press Save - you will be taken back to the project timeline
  • Select the green Create document button on the right of the project timeline
  • Select each item from the list that you would like to appear on the document, i.e the note you have created (surrounding box will turn green once selected)
  • Select the green Create document button in the top right, and choose which document you would like to create
  • Click the Confirm button on the top right
You will now have raised the document with just the text from your note. You can send or print it from here.