How to Convert a Quote to an Invoice - Part 10

This is an article on converting your quote into an invoice

The below video will show you how easy it is to convert a quote straight to an invoice.

Converting a Quote to an Invoice - Watch Video


In Powered Now there are three different ways that you can convert a quote into an invoice.

Quick Actions Button- The first way is by selecting the 'New Invoice' button on the home page. From there you select the customer that the invoice is for and that will pop up a box with any quotes that you have previously created for that customer, asking you if you would like to convert it into an invoice

Within the Quote- The second way is from within the quote itself. When you have the quote loaded up on the screen if you select 'Options' in the top right and then from the drop down you will have a 'Convert to invoice' button. This will take all the information you had on the quote and create an invoice with it.

Via the Project- The third way to do this will be from within the project that the quote was assigned too. In the project should be your quote and the pricing item that was created during the creation of the quote. When in the project select 'Create Document' (Or the green '+' on mobile), in there select the pricing item that you would like on the invoice turning it green. Then once selected click on 'Create Invoice' at the top. This will then create the invoice using the pricing item from the quote.