How Do I Set up Paypal?

Currently Powered Now supports the following ways of taking payments electronically: [1]

  • By clicking on a link from the email or invoice your customer can make a PayPal payment at the PayPal web site
  • Using PayPal Now at the client’s premises using a PayPal chip and pin reader [2]
  • Using PayPal Here at the client’s premises where the client has a PayPal Here account

[1] All options require a PayPal account and all options result in the payment being automatically recorded in Powered Now where the related invoice is marked paid
[2] requires the purchase of a PayPal chip and pin reader

If you have a PayPal account you can link the PayPal account to Powered Now so your customers can pay you.

If you do not have a PayPal account then you will need to set one up first.

To sync your PayPal account click > Settings > Currency & Payments > and scroll down and click PayPal button On > and press Configure. You will need to enter the email address you use for your PayPal account.

When you send out your invoices, the PayPal button will appear on the invoices enabling your customers to pay you. Your customers do not need a PayPal account to pay you and can pay with any debit or credit card.

If you use PayPal to receive payments from your customers then you will automatically get a notification to let you know you have been paid.

If you are not using PayPal, then you can also mark your invoices as paid and then you can send a Record & email to your customers for a receipt. If you add yourself to BCC you will get a copy of every document that you send out.