How Do I Set up and Apply a Project Status?

Project status is perfect for anyone that has steps in a workflow, you can also filter these statuses.

Your Projects in Powered Now can all be given a status. These are set up in the Settings and then can be applied per project. Below I will show you how to set up the status and apply it to a project.

  • Hop into the Settings (cog) and then General Settings
  • Select the Project tab

At the bottom of the page under Project Status, you can select Add New and create your own custom status:

powered now project

Now you can open up any Project Timeline and change its status.

Screenshot 2021-10-26 16.09.57

On the Projects page, you will see the project name now has a colour associated with it. In the image below, the project is purple, as it is in the Awaiting Payment stage.
There is also a drop-down box where you can filter by any status.

Screenshot 2021-10-26 16.14.01