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How do customers create a portal login

This article explains how your customers are able to gain access to their information without accessing from an email

After adding the customer to the system and sending them any necessary information via text or email, they will gain access to the customer Portal.

From there, any future documents, appointments, or messages sent to them will be easily accessible through the Portal.

To access their information from another device, the customer will need to set up a login for the portal by creating an account. They can do this by clicking on the Menu button within the portal and selecting "Create account".

powered now portalpowered now password

Once they have completed this step, the customer will be able to set up a password to access the portal if they need to do so from another device.

Once the account is set up, if the customer prefers to access the portal instead of searching through their old emails, they can simply enter portal.powerednow.com into their browser, use their login credentials, and view all the existing content that has been sent to them.

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