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Forms and Certificates including Landlords Gas Safety Certificate, DEIC and many others


Powered Now Forms and Certificates allows trade companies to produce critical documentation quickly and easily.

You can see all of the forms and certificates we support on our dedicated page.

This feature started with forms mostly used by gas engineers, including the landlords gas safety form then went on to do many forms used by electricians. However, the list of forms and certificates is being regularly added to so over the months you should try out the app to see the latest developments.

Saving Time

The whole forms and certificates system is designed to save engineers and service reps as much time as possible.

Predefined lists of manufacturers, rooms where equipment can be installed and more are built into the system. This makes choosing them quick with little need to type. Choices can be over-ridden when coming across an unusual instance.

Forms and certificates can be signed by the engineer or service rep and/or the customer. Engineer customer service rep signatures are stored on the individual’s account and can be added at the touch of a button.

Where data must be added to a form specific to the engineer or company, this is saved so that it is automatically added to the certificate or form.

Reuse existing forms or certificates

Previous certificates or forms for a site can be copied to be re-used saving lots of time. Readings and transient data are not copied, only details like installed equipment. When dealing with a whole block of flats or a caravan park or any other site where there are multiple plots/flats etc. there is no need to enter the full address every time. Using the “plot” functionality, things are really quick.

Where lots of readings are normally positive, short-cuts to tick multiple boxes at once are provided.

There is the facility to upload evidence– so that for instance the readings on an instrument can be shot and then attached to the certificate/form. This could be vital protection if there is a subsequent problem and the engineer is accused of not performing a proper check.

Certificates and forms can be left part-completed – we know that sometimes other things interrupt work and they must be finalised later.

Certificates and Forms can be printed or sent to contacts by text or email. Of course, old forms and certificates can be looked up and re-sent at any time.