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Track & Manage your expenses easily

Expense Tracking Software for Small Businesses

Powered Now provides an expense tracking app as part of its standard offering and this enable expenses to be entered and tracked. The benefits include:

  • Get rid of paper and replace with a secure electronic copy – the tax man accepts electronic copies of invoices and expenses.

  • Track what’s been paid and what is due.

  • Accept expenses from staff and then reject or approve and pay them.

  • Easily extract expenses data for your accountant.

The expenses functionality can be used:

  • to record personal expenses from employees if you have employees.

  • to record all costs if you are a sole trader.

If you receive invoices from sub-contractors or are a limited liability company and wish to track invoices from your suppliers, you should enter these as Supplier Invoices, available in the Pro version only.

Your Expense Manager

Powered Now’s job expense management software lets management, sole traders or employees enter expenses using the simple expenses template.

Powered Now’s expense process handle every expense in the system. If you have any related invoices then once you have taken a picture of the invoice and ensured the details are correct, the original can be discarded. Powered Now can handle expenses with no tax as well ones with different tax rates for each line.

Your expense Tracker and Approvals

Powered Now’s expense manager app provides your staff with an online expense tracker. Expenses submitted by people without the authority to approve them must be approved before they can be paid.

Expense Payment Process

You can see what expenses need to be paid and by recording every payment as it is made, all records are automatically updated.

Your Expense Reporting

Powered Now not only has an expenses report, it also combines expenses with supplier invoices and sales invoices to produce a profit and loss figure.

Expenses and their payments can be exported to a file ready to be sent to your accountant to do the books.

A single expense management app provides expense tracking software with a comprehensive feature list. Information entered is available for your accountant, tax calculations and VAT reporting. This expense tracker software lets you see the up-to-date status of everything. What’s not to like?