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Estimating and Quoting

Estimating and Quoting Software for Small Business

As well as being an invoicing app, Powered Now is also quoting software that makes it easy to create great looking quotes directly from your smartphone or tablet. This means:

  • Quotes and invoices can be created in seconds not hours

  • No retyping! Everything is remembered and can be reused

  • Send quotes and invoices via email and text message

  • Get updates when a customer has opened or accepted a quote or you’ve been paid, all with smart notifications

  • Win more work with professional looking quotes

Powered can also be your estimating software because an estimate can be worked up with all the detail needed, yet the customer is only shown a summary.

Time saving features

Powered Now allows you to create your own catalogue so you can use this to make it faster to estimate the work and prepare quotes. In addition, an increasing number of catalogues from builders merchants and other suppliers are being integrated to Powered Now, saving huge amounts of time in looking up products and including the cost of materials in your quote. If your quote is accepted by your customer, you can generate the purchase order for the materials from the quote in one click!

How Powered Now works as estimating software

You might enter the following into Powered Now:

Description Quantity Price Total
Hours spent preparing site 10 £25 £250
Laying 20 metre squared patio 20 £40 £800
Concrete 1 £60 £60
Hire of cement mixer 1 £80 £80
Paving slabs 420 £4.60 £1,932
Sub-Total     £3,122
Mark-up 15%     £468.30
Total     £3,590.30

Yet when you send this to the customer, this could read:

New patio
TOTAL £3,590.30

In other words you can keep your internal workings in Powered Now, linking them directly to what is sent to the customer, but without giving away the full details. This all happens with you barely noticing how it’s done.

That’s why Powered Now is the perfect quotation software for small business.

Quotation Template

Powered Now’s modern estimating templates produce fantastic looking quotations every time. And estimates created with the wide range of estimate templates will be great at winning work. Quotation software never gets easier than this.

Sales Quote Software

Powered Now isn’t just designed to create easy, great looking quotes, it’s also designed to sell. That’s why as soon as your customer opens an email produced by Powered Now, you are told. If they haven’t opened your quote, this gives you a chance to call and find out why. When they accept or decline it, you are also notified. If they decide to go with someone else, you get told straight away, which gives you another chance for a bite at the cherry.

Easy Quote Software

Quotes and invoices can be created in seconds not hours because there is no retyping, everything is remembered and can be reused from one quote/estimate to the next.

With one click of a button you can send quotes via email and text message.

Powered Now is so easy to use you can be up and running in no time at all, however it’s also very powerful and can be configured to fit most business needs. You won’t find any better online quoting software.