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Enhanced Certificate Reminders

This article will help with setting up automated reminders and configuring all reminder settings for certificates

Click into the settings via the 'Green Cog' in the top right of the screen

Screenshot 2022-03-03 11.55.17

Then head into the 'Forms and Certificates' settings.

powered now forms and certificates

Go to 'Available Forms and Certs' at the top and click on the 'Settings Cog' next to the certificate you'd like to enable the email reminder for.

powered now available forms and certificates

From there select 'Reminder Settings' at the top and then make sure that the 'Reminder Activated' switch is turned on.

Screenshot 2023-07-24 16.10.57

Underneath this is the email/text that will get sent out to the customer when the notification is set for which you can alter to how you'd prefer. After this when you scroll down is the number of days after confirming a certificate that the reminder will be set for

Screenshot 2023-07-24 16.05.06

At the bottom are are the options for how the reminder gets sent to the customer whether you'd like it to be sent via email, text or both. Finally is the option for yourself to get reminded about the up coming service and choosing how many days before the customer gets notified you'd like to be notified.