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Customise your confirmation emails

Auto populate the location, invoice number or site address on your email subjects with the new update...




Automatically insert the location, invoice number, or site address into your confirmation emails with the latest update...

({displaynumber}) - This allows the unique document number to populate on the email subject/contents of the email

{siteAddress} - This allows (if applicable) the site address to populate on the subject/contents of the email - Great for Larger customers with multiple properties.

{location} - This allows the location of the appointment to display 

{customername} - this will auto populate the customers name on subject and contents



The default configuration for Invoice templates is:

New Invoice from {companyname}

With a slight adjustment you can add the invoice number and site address:

New Invoice from {companyname} ({displaynumber}) {siteAddress}


The default configuration for new appointments templates:

{companyname} - New Appointment

With Site address in subject:



To automatically populate the desired short code in your templates, simply copy and paste them into your email templates under the communications tab.