Creating an Appointment for Your Team - Part 20

The video below will show you how to create an appointment and assign it to one or more members of your team.


How to assign team members to existing appointments

To create an appointment, you've got a double click anywhere in the diary, or you've got a plus button at the top.

For an existing appointment, if you wanna assign an engineer to an existing appointment, you just select the appointment you wish to assign them to, and just click edit appointment at the top of the screen.

Then you've got assigned team members so we can select as many or as little people as you need. They'll receive an email notification when they've been assigned to that. 

In addition to that, for a brand-new appointment, the process is very similar. We'll just go and create a brand new appointment in the system. Select your customer and create your appointment exactly how you normally would.

We have a new scheduled view of the diary as well where we can see both appointments have been assigned to the correct engineer on the scheduled view, which is nice to make sure that engineers aren't overbooked with work. If you've got any further questions about how to do this or any questions about the diary, feel free to pop a message through the chat system on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.