Creating a Form or Certificate - Part 23

The video below will explain how to create a Form or Certificate in Powered Now.

How to create a certificate with Powered Now

To start with, right from the home screen, we've got the new certificate button under the Quick Actions.

You can select any certificate that you want to create within Powered Now. Select the customer and the forms and certificates tab just on the bottom left hand side of the screen, so you can see all existing certificates within the account as well.

Another place will be within the contact record, if you select the contact that you wish to create the certificate for, go to the forms and certificates tab at the top, and then you can create one directly from the contact record here.

Another place if you are within the project you can also create one directly from the project, which is quite helpful. You can click the project name, click add, new item, and then at the bottom you've got form slash certificate where you can create that.

And finally, the last place you've got within the diary. If you click directly onto an appointment, you've got the add form here, so you can just quickly select that directly from the appointment, which can be very helpful. If you've got any further questions about this, feel free to pop as a message through the chat system.