Adding Items to Your Product Catalogue

How to save templates and set priced items to your catalogue, saving time when quoting/invoicing

From your home screen, navigate to the Settings cog in the top right.

Powered Now product catalogue

From the settings menu, navigate to the Products & Auto-Complete page.

Powered Now product catalogue

Make sure you have the Product Catalogue turned on and head to the Product Catalogue tab.

Powered Now product catalogue

Then from here just click the Add new to add an individual item to the Product Catalogue.

Powered Now product catalogue

Now when adding an item there's a couple of fields you need to fill out:

Powered Now product catalogue

Product Name: The description of the work you're carrying out or the description of the materials you are using.

Price: The cost of the job/material.

Product Category: Will only be visible if activated within the "Product Categories" settings, or unless you've got CIS enabled within Powered Now

SKU: this can be used as a catalogue number to locate easily. for example:

lab1 = 1 hour labour

CP12 = for a Gas Safety Certificate

Tax Rate: some materials or pricing items will have different tax rates, here you can change that

Used for expenses: This should be enabled if you're recording costs within your expenses within Powered Now.