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Accounts Export: Status Column

What do the Status numbers in my Accounts Export mean?

Powered Now has the ability to export various types of document data which can be used for accounting or data analysis purposes. Within these reports is a Status column to indicate the stage an individual document reached from the moment the report was generated. The statuses are broken down into 7 types:

0 - Raised, these are documents which have been raised and saved within Powered Now, but not sent to a contact yet.

1 -  Sent, these are documents which have been sent (either via text or email) to at least one contact.

2 - Accepted, this indicates that a document has been given approval/been accepted by either a Customer or a User. For Quotes, a number 2 in the Status Column indicates that the document was Accepted. For Supplier Invoices, a number 2 indicates that the document has been approved by a Manager and is being acknowledged by the system (Powered Now does not take into account Supplier Invoices which are in the "Rejected" status)

3 - Rejected, this Status indicates that either a Customer or User is not willing to proceed with a document in its current state. For Quotes, this often means that the Quote was rejected by your Customer. For Supplier Invoices, this often indicates that the document was not approved by a Manager and Powered Now 

4 - Paid (or refunded), this Status indicates that the entire value for a document has been accounted for by either Payment, Credit Note, or a Refund

5 - Part Paid, this status indicates that a portion of a document's total has been marked as paid, but there is still an outstanding debt. This applies to both Sales documents as well as Cost documents

6 - Over Paid, this indicates that payments totalling more than the document's total have been assigned to a document. This would normally indicate a clerical error somewhere and should be checked before completing a VAT return or reporting on your figures.