Who is Powered Now?

Established in 2013, Powered Now is founded by UK entrepreneurs with a successful track record in delivering software for small businesses. Powered Now is backed by major UK investors and is trusted by thousands of companies worldwide. 

Powered Now makes it as easy as possible to create an invoice. It enables you to do this with far less effort than by other means.


  • The customer name, phone number and email can be copied from your contact list.
  • Their full address can be looked up from the postcode.
  • After the first time, you never need to enter that customer’s details again. You can reuse them anytime with a single click. That’s a lot less typing or writing.
  • VAT and Tax calculations are done automatically.
  • Discounts or markups are calculated automatically.
  • CIS is handled and all necessary reports produced (UK only).
  • Totalling is done automatically including running totals of everything related to a project.
  • If you raised a quote, it can be turned into an invoice with a single click with no copying, pasting or rekeying.
  • You can create quotes and invoices while sitting in your van.
  • Invoices look highly professional with minimum effort. There are over 30 templates that can be customised with your logo and much more.


  • Invoice from the job, easily and from anywhere. You can invoice directly from your Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop. Your smartphone can be used even when there is no signal. Quotes and invoices can be done on-site or outside in your van.
  • Invoice quicker. Once you are used to Powered Now, which doesn’t take long, you will find it’s faster to raise invoices than by any other method. Then you send the invoice by email and text meaning it’s delivered fast too. Invoicing straight from the job means it’s easier to remember the details; you are also less likely to ignore small extras and will get paid faster as you are still in the customer’s mind.
  • Never worry about losing your black book or even breaking your smartphone, tablet or laptop. All your information is safely and securely stored by Powered Now. If you need to, you can log on with a new device and everything will be automatically downloaded from our store.
  • And finally, look more professional; track outstanding payments and send everything to your accountant by email


  • The number one benefit is you SAVE TIME. Get your evenings back! This isn’t theory. In our survey of our customers, the average business owner saved nearly half a week using Powered Now, some much more.
  • Get paid faster. Because you can get your invoices out quicker, you get paid faster.
  • Invoice more. Yes, it’s true. When it’s easier to raise invoices those little ones that you can’t be bothered with actually get done.