The documents Powered Now creates (Invoices, Quotes,Credit Notes, Expenses & Supplier Invoices) are categorised by a number of different statuses. This way it is easy for you to quickly check what has been sent, requires payment or has been accepted!

To see the status of a document on the tablet if you are in horizontal mode you can see the status at the top. Alternatively you can use the filters on the specific document pages on both tablet and phone.

Status Overview


  • Raised - You have created an invoice, but not sent it to your customer yet.
  • Pending Payment - You have sent an invoice to your customer but you have not make it as paid, or the customer hasn't paid via PayPal.
  • Paid - The invoice has been marked as paid.
  • Over Paid - The invoice has too much money marked as paid, for example if the invoice was £100 and has been paid £101 then it would be Over Paid.
  • Part Paid - The total amount on the invoice has not been paid, for example if the invoice was £100 and £99 has been paid it would be Pard Paid.

Quotes / Estimates

  • Raised - You have created a quote, but not yet sent it to the customer.
  • Sent - You have sent the quote to your customer but it hasn't been accepted or rejected yet.
  • Client Accepted - Your client has accepted the quote.
  • Client Rejected - Your client has rejected the quote.

There is also a colour coding system to see as a quick overview

Raised = Black
Sent = Orange
Paid/Accepted = Green

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