While Powered Now can be used for a single one person business, the real value comes from inviting your team and collaborating as a group. This is especially useful for team members that are rarely in the same place at the same time. You can use Powered Now to schedule work, projects and even chat together. However we will demonstrate how the team function works in later videos.

click the settings cog

Then select Manage Team

Select Add Team Member Button

You can also choose the different access level your co workers can have.

 A Manager role can see pretty much everything you do, this includes pricing and financials but they can't access your settings. This is a trusted role. 

The Engineer role however is much more locked down. They can only access the details of projects and documents but all pricing and financials are hidden.

Once you have added the user details and selected their role, press the Save button.

You'll notice the user you just added is greyed out in Manage Team, this is because they are currently inactive, you can turn users on and off very quickly. To turn a users account on, just hit the on button, this will then email the user you have just added inviting them to download Powered Now.

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