Powered Now's new Site Visit Form is our first form designed to be customised by you. Whether you're using it as a more in-depth Job Sheet to inform your engineers, or purely for your own logs and record keeping, the Site Visit Form can help you keep your company organised. 

Here's how the whole thing works in a little more detail!

Configuring the Form:

When you first open the Site Visit Form, you’ll be shown a screen like this. Because the Site Visit is user-configurable, you’ll need to set some default questions to begin using it to its fullest. You can do this by:

    1. From Settings, open Form & Certificate Settings

   2. Choose the “Available Forms & Certs” tab

   3. Look for the Site Visit form in the Measurement category

   4. Select the Settings icon next to its name

You should then see a “Custom Fields” tab, this is where the questions on the form can be configured.

Choosing the right Response Type:

Our Site Visit Form currently has 5 configurable questions, with 6 different ways of responding to your question. The questions you ask are entirely up to you, but selecting the right Response Type will help ensure you get the exact information you need.

Written Answer: Selecting this as the response will allow the person filling in the Form to type anything they want, up to 100 characters. This type of response is perfect for situations where you need a brief summary rather than an in-depth answer.  

Written Answer Box: This is essentially the same as Written Answer, but with room for much more text (300 characters!). This type of response is great if you need a lot of detail. 

Numerical Answer: Selecting this response type will restrict the possible answer to numbers only. 

Image Upload: This response type will prompt your user to upload an image. This is normally done from the Attachments section while filling the Form. 

Date/Time: When this is selected, the user will be prompted to select a time and day. No extra text can be entered with this response type. 

Yes/No:  This field will only allow for either a Yes or No response, no extra information can be entered. 

Using the Force... Switch:

Force Switch: If the Force Switch is activated, anyone filling the form will be required to complete the questions one at a time in order. They will not be able to move on to the next step until the preceding one has been completed. 

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