Creating a Purchase Order in Powered Now is as simple as it can be!.

These can be done via the quick action button and from within a project. 

Below i will show you how to do both.

First lets cover the quick action button.

You will find this located on the dashboard 

You will then be prompted to choose the supplier from your list or to add a supplier.

Then, select the customer the purchase order is being spent on.

Now we're into the document creation, please note, all Powered Now documents work the same way.

You will be prompted to add the materials and have the option to write a title and description if required. Select the 'Add New Item' button and start building your purchase order

Once all the information is entered, click save and you can move the items around

Click Save and you will be prompted to select a delivery address or can 'pick up from branch'

You will then be greeted with a preview of the document. If you are happy, click confirm and you can send it if needed.

Please Note - These documents are automatically approved and therefore cannot be edited. To be able to edit the document, select the reject button. You can now click the options and edit button to amend any detail. Once you are done,  click the approve button and it will approve it again. 

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