Powered Now can now integrate directly with Xero, bringing a whole host of brand new features to your Pro Subscription. This article will quickly run through how to connect your Powered Now account with your Xero account, and how to set up the system so it works as you'd expect going forward.

Gettings Started:

To begin, open your Powered Now Settings and go to "Tax & Accounting".

Find the "Accounting Integrations" tab at the top of the page, and click the Settings icon next to "Xero".

Enable Xero Integration and click "Connect to Xero". You will then be prompted to log into your Xero account and authorize the connection. 

Your Powered Now and Xero accounts are now linked! You can now import contacts between the systems and configure how the systems will work in day-to-day running. 

How to Import Contacts Between Powered Now and Xero:

Included in our Xero Integration feature is the ability to copy your Contacts from one system to the other, or merge both sets of Contacts together. This can only be done once and only after Xero has been connected, so we recommend looking at all your Contacts in both Powered Now and Xero before doing this. 

If the installations of both Powered Now and Xero are new, use "Don't copy contacts" and first upload your contacts to Powered Now then copy to Xero OR just start using Powered Now putting in the contacts as you go along.

If you already use Xero but you are just implementing Powered Now, use "Copy contacts from Xero to Powered Now" .

If you already use Powered Now but you are just implementing Xero, use "Copy contacts from Powered Now to Xero" .

If you already use both Powered Now and Xero and have contacts in both, use "Merge Powered Now and Xero contacts" .

Syncing a Specific Xero Group:

You have the option of only syncing a specific Contact Group from Xero to Powered Now and also putting any contacts from Powered Now into that contact group in Xero. If you would like to do this, press "Get Latest Contact Groups" after connecting to Xero, and choose the relevant Contact Group. Most Xero installations won't have any Contact Groups.

Copying Contacts: 

If you’re new to either Powered Now or Xero, you may want to copy your Contacts from one system to the other. To do this, select the relevant button from the “Initial Set up of Contacts” section and type “COPY” into the popup box.
All of your Contacts will then be copied over to your chosen system. 

Merging Contacts between both systems:

If you’ve already begun using Powered Now and Xero, we have the option to combine your Contacts in both systems and link any duplicate Contacts stored between them. This can only be done once, so we recommend cleaning up your Contacts before we begin. 

  • Connect your Xero Account to Powered Now 
  • Scroll down to “Initial Setup of Contacts” and choose “Merge”
  • On the new screen, choose “Export Contacts” - This will email a Spreadsheet containing all of your Contacts across both systems. 
  • Identify any duplicates across the systems (i.e. different rows for the same Contact). One duplicate will be for Xero, and one for Powered Now.
  • Copy the second column titled “Xero Contact ID” from the Xero duplicate Contact (this is normally a long string of numbers and letters) and paste it into the second column of the Powered Now duplicate Contact
  • Delete the Xero duplicate Contact row. This will result in the Powered Now and Xero contacts being linked together when the Spreadsheet is Imported back into the system. It should look something like this: 
  • Once all Contacts are linked, save the file and upload it
  • You’re all done! All missing Contacts will be imported between the two systems, and any Contacts linked in the CSV file will now function as 1 Customer/Supplier across the two systems. 

Setting up day-to-day running

  • Contacts created or updated in Powered Now are sent to Xero. The only time this would be off would be where there were only a few contacts ever dealt with a no new ones should ever be created
  • Send sales invoices/credits from Powered Now to Xero.This will be ON int he overwhelming number of cases. The only case where this would be off is when the accounting department wants new customers sent across but never wants invoicing information sent electronically.
  • Send them to Xero authorised. Always send them to Xero authorised (i.e.ON) except where the accounting department wishes to review the invoices before sending them for them selves from Xero.
  • Send supplier invoices /credits from Powered Now to Xero. Switch ON if you wish to capture supplier invoices in Powered Now primarily so that you can see all costs by project. Many people will only do this in Xero. Supplier invoices /credits will never be sent unless approved in Powered Now.
  • Send Expenses from Powered Now to Xero. Expenses will never be sent unless approved in Powered Now.
  • Send them to Xero approved. If OFF they can go through an apporval process in Xero.

Configuring Xero Account Codes in Powered Now:

You can set up Xero Account Codes so that Powered Now posts everything  automatically to the correct account code. Normally the defaults are fine and you don't need to do anything special. To configure the account codes:

  • After connecting to Xero, scroll down to the “Configure Account Codes” 
  • Press “Get latest tax rates from Xero” to download the Account Codes you currently use in Xero
  • Adjust your Sales, Supplier Invoice, and Expense sections so that their codes match your Xero configuration
  • You’re done! From now on, any documents raised in these categories will automatically be posted to the assigned Account Code in Xero

Configure Tax Rates:

You can link your Xero Tax Rates with your Powered Now Tax Rates so everything pulls over automatically with the correct VAT amount. Normally the defaults are fine and you don't need to do anything special. To do this:

  • After connecting to Xero, scroll down to the “Configure Tax Rates” section
  • Press “Get latest tax rates from Xero” to download the Tax Rates you currently use in your Xero account
  • For each “Powered Now Tax Rate” you choose from the dropdown menu, double check that the corresponding “Xero Tax Rate” is correct

Interfacing Method:

You have two options to choose from when it comes to syncing your Powered Now account with Xero. This field determines whether your account syncs with Xero automatically whenever you make a change in Powered Now, or manually by pressing the “Sync” button in the Accounts export tab in the Finances section. Note that once invoices, credit notes and expenses have been exported to Xero they cannot be changed in Powered Now.

Interfacing Start Date:

This date defaults to when the Powered Now connection to Xero first took place. It prevents any documents with an earlier date from being transferred over to Xero. It can only be set once and never changed. It is important that you plan the cutover to Xero and consider what will happen to documents that have already been raised and may have already been manually raised in Xero.

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