When you created your first document in Powered Now, the system will prompt you on what number you would like the document sequence to begin with. 

Once you have selected the number, Powered Now will follow on in sequence for your next document.

We understand sometimes you would like a custom number or need to go back and amend a previous number. Below i will explain how to do both.

Setting them up.

> Click the Settings (cog)
> Click the Document Settings
> Click Numbering Rules

You can change the Prefix to your custom sequence e.g rather than INV it could be personalised - such AS KR0012

How to change a Document Number?

Follow the steps above on getting to Numbering Rules.

From there, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see an override option.

Now if you revisit the document in question you need to edit the number on.

> Open the document
> Click the 'Options' button and then 'Edit'

Scroll to the bottom of that page and you will see the document number.

From here you can type in the box the new number and then select 'Save and Close' 

You're all done.

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