This article will show you how to delete and edit payments that are marked against an invoice.

You may need to edit or remove a payment from a document for a number of reasons. For example, you may accidentally mark an invoice as overpaid. Or you may want to reapply a payment to an invoice so that you can send a receipt to your customer.

  1. You need to head to the Sales Tab

2. From here you need to click on the yellow payments button on the top right hand corner

  • Once you are here you will see a history of payments that you have made against invoices. There are 3 buttons per line. The first is the customer, the second is the payment type and the third is the invoice itself.

3. If you then click on the payment type itself that you want to edit or delete it will take you to the payment details screen.

4. Once here you can click on the Delete button in the top right hand corner to delete the payment.

5. Alternatively you can Edit the payment type by pressing the blue Edit button. Here you will be able to edit the payment date, amount or type.

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