If you haven't yet set up your Certificate details (Company logo, Engineer registrations numbers (GasSafe, NICEIC, etc) and Engineer e-signatures), follow this article first:

1. First we need to make sure that the contact in question has a site associated to them. If you are unsure how to add a site to a contact then read our article on that by following the link below.

2. Once we've got a site set up for our contact we need to create a project for this contact with the associated site. Head to the projects tab and then click on the + New Project button.

3. Once you've selected a contact for the new project, you will be able to choose which site you want the project to be for.

4. Name your project and click finish.

5. You'll then be in the project timeline. Here you can see that then are two addresses, the main contacts address and the site address. From here you should click on the blue Add new item to project button.

6. Select Form/Certificate.

7. Select the Form/Certificate that you wish to create.

8. After you've input the relevant details into the certificate it will populate the document. From here you will see that there are two addresses on the certificate, both the main contacts address and the site address.

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