On a bigger job you may want to collect a deposit before works commence or agree stage payments during the project.
Once you have had your quote accepted convert this to a project.
Open the project and click on add new item to project.

Click on the pricing button

Enter the detail in the description box ie. deposit due, and the amount

Save the priced item box and then click on the create document button

Highlight the priced item box and click create invoice

Send the invoice to the customer, you will see that the financial summary in the project shows the breakdown

Create further priced item boxes for further stage payments or balance due in the project timeline and then create the invoice and send.

If there is extra work that has been agreed with your customer you can create an extra work priced item box which can be added to the final invoice.

Don't forget to mark your invoices as paid as this will show in the financial summary box.

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