• Click 'Costs'
  • Click 'Supplier Invoice'
  • Select 'Supplier'
  • You will then get a prompt to select the customer (as need to allocate supplier invoice to a customer)
  • Select your customer
  • Select the associated project
  • Click on 'pricing box’ and add new item
  • Add in your individual products or ‘materials’. You can take a picture of the receipt also of required. 

NB. You can also choose items from your product catalogue or manually enter the details. 

  • Click 'supplier invoice date' to change the date. It is very important to enter the exact date that is shown on the supplier invoice.  This will affect the accounts as this data is taken from that date stated in ‘supplier invoice date’. 
  • Enter the supplier invoice number, as shown on the suppliers invoice.
  • Click 'Next'
  • Preview page
  • Click 'Confirm' document

NB. A manager would need to approve this if a engineer has created this, as it will automatically be rejected. 

  • Click on blue options box, from here you have the ability to make the supplier invoice marked as paid. This will keep records of financials upto date. 

NB. If an Engineer adds a supplier invoice it will automatically come through as rejected until it has been approved by the Manager or Main User. 

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