Adding an expense is simple, simply follow these instructions:

  • Click the 'Costs' button on the left hand side of the page
  • Click 'Expenses'
  • Click 'Add new expense'
  • Click 'Add new item'
  • Add the expense information into the description box. For example : Diesel, Van repairs, tools,  etc.. Any general business expenses.
  • Add a photo if required
  • Click on the 'Priced Item' box to add a price - when entering an expense you enter the amount including the VAT amount.
  • Click 'SAVE'
  • Click 'Next'

You can amend the expense date if required, for example if you need to back date the expense date. You will need to show the same date as shown on the receipt.

  • Click 'Nex't
  • Click 'Confirm'

To mark your receipt as paid

  • Click blue 'Option' button
  • Click the 'Payment' button
  • Choose how the expense was paid (payment type) and when the payment was made.  

NB. Expenses will only show in your 'Financials' once you have marked as paid.

Pro Account Subscriptions 

Once the expense has been created by either Engineer, the Manager or Main User,  only the Manager or Main User has the ability to allocate this expense to a project. 

Expenses are automatically approved when a Manager to Main User creates the expense. 

If an Engineer enters an expense it is subject to approval of the Manager or Main User.
They have the ability to either Approve or Reject the expense once created.

If the expense is rejected, the engineer will be advised that the expense has been rejected. 

If the expense is approved, it can then be allocated to a project. 

  • Click on Approve
  • You can then assign a customer project

NB. Expenses can be viewed altogether in the expense page. Expenses can be exported using Finances section. 

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