First of all you need to switch on CIS in your account. 

To do this:- click on > Settings > Click on CIS & Cost Settings > Click CIS 

> Switch on the 'Enable CIS' switch to green.
> Add your UTR number. (10 digit number).
> Add your National Insurance or Company Number, depending upon your company type.
> You can state your CIS reporting period and state your CIS rate (HMRC will let you know this).
> Press SAVE.
CIS is now turned on for you. 

The next thing is to know who your customers and suppliers are that you are sending CIS to. You will need to turn CIS on for these customers and suppliers who yo are sending invoices to. 

> Click on Contacts.
> Click on the blue edit button.

> Scroll to the bottom of the page.
> Switch on CIS button within the customers or suppliers page.
> Press SAVE.

When you create any CIS invoices it will contain all the relevant data on it required for CIS. 

Powered Now is fully HMRC CIS compliant to produce a CIS report. 

Click on > Finances in the side bar

Click on > CIS Reports

Enter the required information to produce a report. 

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