There are a couple of ways that you can convert a quote to an invoice. 

You can create a quick invoice

> Click on Invoice on the main front page

> Choose your customer

> Choose an existing quote

> You can edit the quote before you turn it into an invoice.
> You then preview the invoice
Click Confirm
The Invoice is created and you just need to send it to your customer
> Press SEND

Creating an invoice within Projects

> Click on Project

> Click the project you created which is associated with the customer

> If have a quote that you have already created , click on green Create Quote, Job Sheet Invoice button (green + button in mobile app) and choose the Pricing

> If you need to amend the pricing then you can edit it

> Click on Confirm 

> Click Send

All of your data and documents will be kept in order on your project timeline for easy reference.
NB. We always recommend to edit the pricing and not the quote, so that you can keep note of all your records.

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