Projects are automatically generated when any diary appointments and documents are created. A project can been looked at as a folder. 

A project is used to create a folder full of all the information associated with the  job. It is a great way to keep all of your information in once place.

We always recommend opening a new project when starting a new job. You will be able to log time, keep track of appointments, notes of conversations you have had with your customer, messages sent to your customer, job sheets, quotes, invoices and other documents raised against the job. 

Starting a Project

`> Click on Project

> Click on Add new item within project to view all the functions. All the actions will be recorded in the project timeline.  

> You can log time, amount of hours spent on the project. 

> Click on Pricing to create your pricing box that you can then use to create your quotes, job sheet or invoices at any point. 

> When you are using the mobile app version of Powered Now you can capture a signature. 

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